CarolinaEast Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Services

Our Heart Is In Healing

CarolinaEast Medical Center Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Services is dedicated to the treatment of chronic and/or non-healing wounds that have been present for 30 days or longer.

Through the expert application of advanced therapies including negative pressure, bio-engineered tissues, biosynthetic dressings and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we strive to aid in the healing of even the most chronic types of wounds.

If you suffer from a chronic or non-healing wound, we can help. You or your health care provider can contact us at 252-634-6360. Our wound healing team will work with you and your medical providers to jump start your healing process through:

  • Evidence-based therapies and clinical protocols
  • An individualized plan of care tailored to your specific healing goals
  • Clinical case management and follow-up care
  • Education for you and your family to support healing at home 
  • Ongoing communication with your doctor to keep them informed about your progress

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Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I schedule an appointment? You may call the center directly or be referred by your doctor. To make your appointment, call 252-634-6360.

What causes non-healing wounds? Chronic and non-healing wounds can result from a number of factors, including diabetes, poor circulation, trauma, vascular disease, and immobility (which can lead to pressure ulcers, commonly known as "bed sores"). An estimated eight million Americans suffer from chronic wounds. Wounds come from a variety of different medical conditions, and they don't heal for many different reasons.

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy? Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a simple but effective treatment in which you breathe pure oxygen inside a pressurized chamber. The therapy delivers high concentrations of oxygen to your bloodstream, which helps increase your body’s own natural wound-healing abilities. It also helps fight certain types of infections, improves circulation and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels. Therapy is administered daily, and the number of therapies you receive depends on your individual treatment plan and diagnosis.

Will I have to change my primary care doctor or specialists? No. In fact, our center prefers to work with your doctor or medical specialists during your entire time of wound treatment. We keep your doctor informed with frequent progress reports. While you receive treatment for your wound, you should continue to receive all of your routine care from your primary doctor.

Does insurance cover specialized wound care treatments? Most health plans cover wound care treatments. Call us for more information about the coverage your specific plan offers.

Where is the center located and where can I park? The center is located at 2007-C Neuse Blvd in New Bern, NC, across from the main medical center. Parking is available in front of the Wound Center.

What can I expect at the first appointment? The first appointment consists of an assessment by our skilled wound care team, a review of your medical history, testing as needed, and recommendations for your treatment plan. Please be sure to call ahead so that we can facilitate the transfer of your medical records. For your first appointment you will need a list of your medications and allergies, photo identification and your insurance card.


CarolinaEast Medical Center Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Services 

2007-C Neuse Blvd

New Bern, NC 28560

Phone: 252-634-6360  Fax: 252-634-6364

Hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday