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Women's & Children's Pavilion in New Bern, NC

Women's & Children's Pavilion logo | Birthing Center in NCWelcoming your new baby to the world will be one of your life's most treasured moments. We at the Women's & Children's Pavilion feel honored to be part of your birthing experience.

We believe that every birth is special, every baby is beautiful, and every mom deserves the best care. Our updated facilities help us ensure mothers and newborns in New Bern and the surrounding areas have a pleasant overall experience. Let us tell you more about how we will make your labor and delivery safe, calm, and comfortable.

A caring maternity staff

Our birthing center team assists you through all aspects of childbirth. Here are some experts who will be here to help you as you welcome your new baby to the world:

Obstetricians and gynecologists (OB-GYNs). Our providers have extensive experience with both natural and cesarean births, so you can rest easy knowing that you have a team of experts by your side.

Labor and delivery nurses. To provide you with quality care and additional privacy, we assign you a dedicated day nurse and night nurse to be with you throughout your entire stay with us.

A certified lactation consultant. For moms wishing to explore nursing as an option, our international board-certified lactation consultant is available to answer questions and offer advice.

Comfortable birthing center amenities and a relaxing environment

Women's & Children's Pavilion's waiting room | Birthing Center in NCIf ever there was a time to be pampered, it's during childbirth. That's why we built the Women's & Children's Pavilion with spa-inspired private rooms and luxury bathrooms.

Each private room includes:

  • A rocking chair for mom and baby.
  • A sleeper sofa for mom's support person.
  • An adjustable Nara bassinet that provides bedside access to baby.
  • Spa-quality bathrobes.

We also understand the importance of placing a premium on security. Our facility has an advanced infant security system to help ensure your baby is safe during your stay.

Want to see our birthing center for yourself? We welcome you to attend our next Maternity Open House, where you can view our facilities and get your questions answered in person.

Childbirth and parenting classes

Parenthood comes with its fair share of questions. We offer a variety of free prenatal and parenting classes intended to prepare you for your new role as a parent:

Basic childbirth class. Learn the process for labor and delivery and how your birthing plan fits in. We'll tell you how to best prepare for your new baby and offer advice on infant care and safety.

This course is intended for first-time parents or experienced parents who need a review of the childbirth process. View the course schedule.

Breastfeeding classes. Nursing mothers or women who plan to breastfeed are welcome to join this class for important health information and helpful hints. View the course schedule.

Infant CPR. We encourage all new parents, family and friends of newborns to attend an infant CPR class. You'll learn how to perform lifesaving CPR skills and how to relieve a choking infant. View the course schedule.

Breastfeeding support group. All breastfeeding mothers, their support partners and children are welcome to join our weekly support group at the birthing center. Expert RNs lead the program to help you with any breastfeeding matter. View the group schedule.