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Mental health services Crossroads Adult Mental Health

Mental and emotional health problems are common. They affect half of all Americans and 1 in 4 families. These problems can affect all aspects of a person's life—and the lives of that person's loved ones.

Fortunately, treatment can often help.

At Crossroads Adult Mental Health, we offer individualized psychiatric care in a warm, supportive atmosphere.

Our team of mental health experts is committed to helping both our patients and their families get back to a more productive and satisfying life.

We offer all levels of care, including inpatient treatment at our psychiatric hospital.

Our mental health admissions and treatment process

The first thing our mental health professionals will do is a thorough evaluation to find out what is causing a person's distress.

Our team will check to see if there are any underlying medical or biochemical issues. The team will then work with the patient, their family and other healthcare professionals to develop an appropriate course of treatment.

Treatment may include group therapy, family therapy, and illness and medication education under the supervision of a medical provider. We offer several levels of care, depending on the person's needs.

Inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. The Crossroads inpatient mental health program provides 24-hour psychiatric care at CarolinaEast Medical Center.

When someone needs inpatient care for a mental health issue, our first priority is to stabilize the crisis. Once the person is stable, our team provides a thorough evaluation and develops an aftercare treatment plan.

Treatment focuses on behavioral health needs and teaches people new ways to cope. Our medical team may prescribe or adjust medications as appropriate. And whenever we prescribe medication, we also teach patients how to use it properly.

All of the treatments we offer are designed to help the person return home and resume their lives as quickly as possible.

When hospitalization ends, our team works with the patient and his or her family to develop an aftercare plan. This may involve a day hospital program, a community-based program or outpatient therapy.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). The Crossroads Partial Hospitalization Program may be a fit when someone doesn't require the intensity of an inpatient stay.

The program starts with an evaluation, performed by our team of mental health experts. During the evaluation, the team will develop a treatment plan that includes group therapy and may include family or individual therapy. The team will also coordinate aftercare with community-based services.

The PHP sessions are Monday through Friday, four hours each day, and take place over several weeks.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). This program may be an option for people who haven't had a good response to traditional outpatient therapy and medication and need more support and structure.

Our first step in the program is to understand the person's needs and goals. As part of our assessment, we'll perform an evaluation that allows us to assess symptoms, personal and family psychiatric history, and suicide risk.

Treatment includes individually designed group therapy sessions. These sessions focus on improving daily coping skills and establishing safety.

We encourage anyone considering an intensive outpatient program to talk it over with their healthcare provider.

Contact Crossroads Adult Mental Health

Admissions to Crossroads are accepted 24 hours a day. Referrals may be made by physicians, psychologists, social workers, mental health professionals, social service agencies, family members or friends.

The final decision regarding admission is made by a psychiatrist.

For more information, call 252.633.8204.