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Inpatient rehabilitation therapies

During your stay at CarolinaEast Rehabilitation Hospital, your treatment team will include specialists in several different types of therapy.

Each of our inpatient rehabilitation therapists is highly trained and dedicated to giving you the individualized care you need to reach your treatment goals and regain your independence.

Physical therapy

Your physical therapist will help you improve your strength, coordination, balance and mobility. To do this, the therapist will use a variety of exercises, functional training methods and rehab equipment.

The physical therapy staff will also assess your home equipment needs and teach you and your family how to use equipment safely and properly so you can be as independent as possible. If necessary, your physical therapist will go to your home to recommend changes to make it safer and more accessible for you.

Occupational therapy

Your occupational therapist will assist you in reaching your maximum potential and the highest quality of life possible by helping you manage everyday activities like bathing and dressing. Since most of these activities are performed with the hands and five senses, treatment emphasizes arm strength and motion, hand coordination, and orientation/memory and visual/perceptual skills.

Special equipment can be provided if weakness continues. Arrangements can be made for the therapist to visit your home before discharge to make recommendations for accessibility and safety.

CarolinaEast Rehabilitation Hospital also has an independent living suite that allows you and your family the opportunity to practice modified techniques in a homelike environment.

Recreational therapy

Your recreational therapist will talk with you about your routine daily activities and the leisure activities you enjoy. The therapist will use that information to design a program that will help you adjust to your disability and apply newly learned skills in real-life settings. This program can include recreational activities like practicing on the putting green in the rehabilitation hospital garden, or a community re-entry outing to the mall, restaurant or grocery store.

Speech therapy

Your speech language pathologist will evaluate any problems you have with speech, voice, language or swallowing. The therapist will then recommend programs to help you restore function or compensate for problems. If needed, your speech therapist can teach you alternative communication methods to use when oral communication is difficult.

We are fortunate at our facility to be able to provide the most recent cutting-edge technology for swallowing difficulties. This technology is called VitalStim Therapy and is the only neuromuscular electrical stimulation technology cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to restore swallowing function.