CarolinaEast Outpatient Medical Imaging Center

Recognizing that the future of health care will be centered around outpatient services, CarolinaEast Health System is proud of its strength in this important area. Two freestanding centers, conveniently located near many physician offices, are dedicated to outpatient care. CarolinaEast Diagnostic Center provides radiography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), CT scanning, digital mammography with R-2 Image Check and bone densitometry. Women's health is a focus of our medical imaging center. Regularly you can find our mammography professionals out in the community, educating anyone who will listen about breast cancer detection, prevention and treatment.

CarolinaEast Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art complex built to accommodate the growing demand for outpatient surgical technology while providing for patient convenience and comfort. Located in the heart of the thriving McCarthy Boulevard medical/professional community, this facility houses numerous surgical suites and procedure rooms equipped with the latest technology.

Outpatient care is also offered on the main campus of CarolinaEast Medical Center. At the hospital you will find PET-CT imaging, a leading cancer diagnostic and staging tool, two 128 Slice CT scanning providing doctors with remarkably clear images in an incredibly fast manner.



The Breast Health professionals at CarolinaEast Diagnostic Center are pleased to announce that as of July 2013, Breast 3-Dimensional Mammography (tomosynthesis) has been added to their array of breast cancer imaging solutions.

Of most benefit to women with moderately or extremely dense breast tissue or who have been identified as high risk for breast cancer, the benefits of 3D Mammography include:
  • Early detection of small breast cancers that may be hidden by superimposed tissue
  • Fewer unnecessary biopsies or additional tests
  • Greater accuracy in pinpointing size, shape and location of abnormalities
  • Greater likelihood of detecting multiple breast tumors.
To learn more about 3D mammography technology, click here for a short video.

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