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At CarolinaEast Health System, we have everything your heart will ever need.

Beginning with coastal Carolina’s first cardiac catheterization performed in July 1988, CarolinaEast has continually expanded its cardiac services to include the latest in interventional, surgical and cardiac arrhythmia procedures including leading edge electrophysiology. CarolinaEast has built a comprehensive cardiac program led by skilled physicians and highly trained cardiac support staff. Cardiac catheterization is a valuable tool in the diagnosis of heart disease. Interventional cardiac procedures including atherectomy, angioplasty and stent placement open cardiac arteries allowing blood to flow freely, which can prevent damage from a heart attack and minimize the need for surgery. When surgery is the recommended treatment, our skilled cardiac surgeons employ the latest surgical techniques, including off-pump coronary artery bypass, robotically assisted surgery and valve replacement to restore the heart to optimum performance. Since 1993, over 5000 coastal Carolinians have benefited from the lifesaving cardiac surgery they had performed at the CarolinaEast Cardiovascular Center of Excellence. Learn more here.

Cardiac Arrhythmias are managed in our Electrophysiology (EP) Lab. We offer a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options for abnormal rhythms including the latest advancements in ablation therapy and implants including heart failure devices. Our team of highly skilled physicians can tailor a treatment plan to meet a patient's unique needs.

Highly specialized inpatient care units are designed to care specifically for cardiac patients during their recovery. Immediately following surgery, patients are cared for in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU). Usually within 24 hours, patients are moved to Cardiovascular Intermediate Care (CVIMC) where they are sitting up and walking as soon as possible. The staff of the Cardiac Intensive care unit (CICU) provides care for patients following cardiac catheterization, pacemaker placement and those being closely evaluated. These highly specialized care areas are staffed with highly specialized cardiac nurses and support professionals.

Leading edge diagnostic and therapeutic services are provided by the compassionate professionals of our Cardiopulmonary Services division. Nuclear Medicine testing for cardiac function is also available.

Our commitment to your cardiac health doesn’t stop after you leave our care. CarolinaEast Health System was the first hospital in the east to offer outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation, a lifestyle modification, education and exercise program designed to help maintain heart health. Various support groups help individuals with cardiac disease and their families manage the resulting lifestyle changes through friendship, education and support.

CarolinaEast Health System is the only health care provider in Eastern North Carolina to receive designation as a Blue Distinction Center for Cardiac Care several times. The prestigious recognition by the area's leading health insurer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, is only given when an all encompassing cardiac program delivers the best in heart care.

The CarolinaEast Cardiovascular Center of Excellence has received numerous quality awards from respected third parties including Healthgrades, Action Registry, American Heart Association, Women's Choice and Comparion Analytics.

CarolinaEast Physicians - Cardiac Focused

The breadth of CarolinaEast's Heart Care expanded in April 2009 with the addition of the physicians and staff of CarolinaEast Heart Center  to our family of services. Electrophysiologists, Medical and Interventional Cardiologists diagnose and treat heart disease with the trusted, proven methods and leading edge technologies including atherectomy and catheterization and drug eluting stent placement. With offices in New Bern and Morehead City, the life-saving services of CarolinaEast Heart Center are easily accessible to the entire coastal region. For more information, call 252-635-6777. When the skilled surgeons with CarolinaEast Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery joined the family the breadth of uniquely CarolinaEast cardiac capabilities were even further enhanced. For more information about our surgical capabilities, call 252-633-6730 or visit

At the CarolinaEast Cardiovascular Center of Excellence, you will find everything your heart will ever need.

Heart Services Include:

Cardiac Surgery
- Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
- Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
- Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
- Valve Replacement and Repair
Cardiac Catheterization
Interventional Cardiology
- Angioplasty
- Atherectomy
- Stent Placement
- Thrombectomy
- Intravascular Ultrasound
- Fractional Flow Reserve
- Tilt Table Testing
- Pacemaker, ICD and heart failure (CRT) implants
- 3D Mapping
- Radiofrequency and Cryo Ablations for abnormal rhythms
Stress Testing
Holter Monitoring
Vascular Testing
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Cardiac Support Group

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CarolinaEast Heart Center

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Nutritional Counseling for a Healthy Heart is available through the Craven County Health Department.