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Cutting-Edge Cancer Services in North Carolina

Compassion and a patient-first philosophy are at the heart of the cancer treatments offered at CarolinaEast Cancer Center.

Every specialist you see, every procedure you receive and every decision we make is done to move you closer toward the goal of living cancer-free.

Prevention and early detection

Our early detection program helps diagnose cancer before it progresses to more serious stages. We offer screenings and testing for a wide range of cancers including breast, cervical, colorectal, prostate, lung and skin cancers.

Enhanced cancer treatments

When it comes to treating cancer, we provide promising options. We perform common cancer services in North Carolina such as:

  • Radiation
  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Biologics
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Cancer Surgery

Cancer research and clinical trials

Discoveries and advances in medicine come from clinical trials. Before a drug, treatment, or device becomes available for routine medical use, it must go through testing.

A clinical trial or study may be offered to you at any stage of your cancer journey, including the time of diagnosis. This does not mean there are no other therapies available for you. It is simply an additional treatment option that your doctors have reason to believe, based on evidence, may be as good as or even better than the standard treatment for your kind of cancer.

Before participating in a study, your doctor will explain the risks and potential benefits. To learn more about clinical trials, you can call our clinical trials office at 252-634-6589 or email

Clinical trials resources

To learn more about clinical trials, visit:

Support when you need it most

We know that cancer doesn't just affect your body. It's an emotional and mental burden to carry as well. We have various programs and cancer services to help you feel your best physically and mentally. Our Support Services are an integral part of the healing, recovery and comfort for both you and your family.

Patient navigators. During treatment, we pair you with a patient navigator who will offer personalized guidance as you progress through your cancer treatment plan.

Nutrition. Our registered dietitians can provide you with nutrition care and support throughout your cancer journey. Our goal is to help minimize nutrition related symptoms during active treatment and help you lead a healthy lifestyle post cancer treatment.

Relaxation/Visualization. Learning to manage the stress associated with diagnosis and treatment is an important part of our comprehensive cancer care. We help you cultivate a relaxed mind and body to improve your immune system function. This decreases stress and has a lasting positive impact on the ability of the body to engage the healing process. (Class on hiatus until further notice)

Support groups. Talking with people who understand what you're going through makes a difference in your treatment experience. As part of our cancer services, we organize various support groups for people with cancer and their caregivers. (Classes on hiatus until further notice).

Survivorship programs. We want to help you transition into living cancer-free. To do so, we will help you create a survivorship care plan that includes information about treatments you received and recommendations for follow-up care. We also offer nutrition support, healthy lifestyle programs and residual program management that helps coordinate your routine care with your primary care doctor.

Learn more

We invite you to learn more about our cancer treatments. Call us at 252.634.6930 to ask a question or schedule an appointment.