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Your doctor and his or her office staff will be very helpful in your understanding what to expect when you arrive at a CarolinaEast facility. Be sure to ask them whatever questions you may have.

The first person you encounter is a member of our admission and registration team. Each staff member has been trained extensively on gathering information necessary for your visit, including address, insurance, next of kin, etc. It is critical that the information we obtain is accurate for patient safety, billing, identity theft prevention, federal and state regulations and many other reasons. Our staff is dedicated to maintaining patient privacy and confidentiality at all times. By verifying your information on each visit to the medical center, including asking for photo identification, we can significantly reduce the risk of errors and protect your identity. Additionally, staff members will take your photo and utilize palm reading technology to enhance your safety and identity. In most cases your registration process will take 15 minutes or less.

Preregistration (scheduled services)

We request that you preregister if possible. We try to reduce registration delays, but occasionally financial, insurance and regulatory requirements cannot be completed by the time of service. We recommend you contact the appropriate registration area prior to your scheduled service date to reduce the risk of delays and financial problems.

Before your visit

If your physician gave you a copy of your orders (for imaging tests, lab work, etc.), please remember to bring them with you. Insurance cards and personal identification are also necessary. If you have an advance directive (living will or healthcare power of attorney) prepared, you will need to bring a copy with you.

If you will be staying with us overnight or for several days, we ask that you leave all valuable items such as jewelry, watches, large amounts of money and credit cards at home or give them to a trusted family member or friend for safe keeping. Your pajamas or nightgown, robe, slippers and a few personal items such as toiletries, a comb and toothbrush should be all you need to bring with you. For your safety and the safety of others, we ask that you leave all electrical appliances such as radios, electric razors and curling irons at home. Small battery-operated appliances are permitted.

If you are a denture wearer, you will be provided a special case to hold your dentures. We ask that you please use this case to avoid losing your dentures. Special care should also be taken to not misplace your eyeglasses, contact lenses and hearing aids.

Please bring a list of your prescription medications and any over-the-counter drugs you take regularly. Any medications you will need during your stay with us will be administered through the medical center pharmacy. Your personal medications will be stored safely in our pharmacy. This is for your safety. You will not be permitted to take your medications you bring from home.

Emergency department visits

If you are in need of emergency care, we stand ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of you when the unexpected happens. When you arrive by personal vehicle, you will first be seen by a triage nurse who will assess your current condition. The most critical patients are seen first. Please understand that while you may have arrived first, if a patient in a more serious condition arrives, he or she will be seen before you. We appreciate your patience. We must see patients with the greatest need first.

Please bring a list of all prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs you take. It's important that we know this information.

If you are experiencing illness or injury of a more minor nature, our minor emergency service is open from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. Our caring staff will provide you with just the right care in just the right amount of time.

Going home

As glad as we are to take care of you when you need us, we are even happier to see you go home. Since your admission to the hospital, a CarolinaEast Continuing Care coordinator has been working to make sure your transition home is successful.

Our staff will share discharge instructions with you and answer any questions you may have about after-hospital care. Your doctor may feel that you need continued care in your home. The CarolinaEast Health System Home Care team can provide you with all the healthcare you need in the most comfortable of all settings, your home. This includes registered nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, dietitians, social workers, aides and psychiatric nursing. Personal care services are also available for personal needs and light housekeeping.

When your doctor writes your discharge orders, our staff will help you gather your personal belongings and call upon a volunteer to take you to your car. Should financial arrangements need to be made, assistance will be given by our cashiers and your patient counselor.

If necessary, please follow up with your physician to ensure your recovery is on track. Remember, we are here when you need us, but we really prefer you not need us!