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Named funds

If making a gift that reflects a passion or concern is important to you, then a named fund gift may be an option to consider. The Foundation has established a variety of named funds earmarked to support specific healthcare needs in our communities.

Donors can choose to publicly demonstrate their leadership and commitment to a specific cause by establishing a named fund with a $20,000 gift or higher made with a one-time contribution or made over three to five years. You may wish to add your own named fund to the Foundation’s growing list or contribute to a fund that has already been established.

  • Arms of an Angel – Jean M. Remington Senior Care Fund provides support for, assists with, and promotes the health and welfare of seniors and their caregivers.
  • Dr. Hovey Aiken, Jr. Fund for Pediatric Care assists with healthcare needs of children in our community.
  • Ballard Child Care Fund assists with child care needs.
  • BB&T Child and Family Health Fund supports programs that positively impact the health of our communities.
  • Bustard Fund for Special Needs assists with indigent care needs and provides support for any special needs identified by the Foundation.
  • CarolinaEast Auxiliary Senior Adult Health Care Fund assists with special needs of our growing senior population.
  • CarolinaEast Cancer Center supports the development of the center.
  • CarolinaEast Foundation Endowment is a permanent fund to support the Foundation.
  • Coldwell Banker Going Home Fund helps patients with healthcare needs as they transition from their primary healthcare providers to home.
  • Craven Pathology Fund for Cancer Patient Treatment aids patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Scott Davenport/Brian Fisher/John Aylward Cancer Warrior Fund assists patients with cancer care related costs.
  • Alan Davidson Eye Care Fund provides eye care to indigent patients.
  • God's Grace Fund assists with indigent care needs.
  • Havelock Fire and Rescue Cancer Care Fund assists patients with cancer-related expenses.
  • Allen and Kim Hardison Pulmonary Health Fund supports the health care journey and education of individual patients with chronic pulmonary diseases.
  • Inpatient Hospice Fund to establish an inpatient hospice home.
  • Joseph Hageman Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund provides annual scholarships to nursing students.
  • Kellum Breast Cancer Awareness/Education Fund educates women about early intervention and preventive measures against breast cancer.
  • Dr. & Mrs. Francis P. King Memorial Fund for Cardiovascular Education funds programs for cardiovascular disease.
  • Nell Norwood Fund for Pediatric Assistance assists families with expenses incurred while caring for their critically ill child.
  • New Bern Cancer Care / Journey of Hope Cancer Support Fund serves local cancer patients by providing support and resources that focus on the whole person: mind, body and spirit.
  • New Bern Get Your Color On support those affected by all types of cancer by providing care and comfort to cancer patients within our community.
  • Rev. & Mrs. Charles E. Parker, Sr. Memorial Fund for Cancer Care assists cancer patients.
  • Potash Pediatric Fund assists children with healthcare needs.
  • Progress Energy Fund for Women's Health Needs supports wellness programs for women.
  • Stubbs & Perdue Mental Health Fund assists with mental healthcare needs.
  • Tassell Integrative Medicine Fund provides patients and families of the SECU Comprehensive Cancer Center at CarolinaEast Medical Center a wide range of services designed to enhance quality of life.
  • Thera-Paws Furapy At Its Best supports CarolinaEast's canine visitation program best known for bringing comfort, affections and happiness to patients, visitors and staff.
  • Turco Family Fine Arts for Healing Fund provides support for implementation of various artistic resources and programs for CarolinaEast Health System.
  • Wachovia Bank Pamlico County Indigent Care Fund supports indigent care needs in Pamlico County.
  • Helmut and Carmen Weisser Children's Fund assists families with sick children.

Making a donation

Visit our secure, online donation form. Under "description," please indicate the particular fund you would like your donation to go toward, and whether your gift is in honor or memory of someone special.