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The CarolinaEast Foundation has two grant cycles per year. Each nonprofit organization can make one request per year. A new Foundation policy states that nonprofits must submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) before requesting a full grant proposal (see under "Grant application process" below for more information.) The deadlines for grant requests for the 2019 fiscal year are March 15, 2019 (payout would be May 8, 2019), and July 19, 2019 (payout would be August 28, 2019). Grant applications are due in the Foundation office no later than 5 p.m. Applicants should submit 10 copies plus an original (for a total of 11). Please call the Foundation office at 252.633.8247 if you have any questions about grant requests or applications.

Grant application process

Letter of intent

The CarolinaEast Foundation is now requiring nonprofit organizations to submit a letter of intent (LOI) before requesting a full grant proposal. This is a change in our policy intended to help the nonprofits: not to add work but to make sure the program goal of the nonprofit aligns with our mission closely. Before sending the LOI, we encourage you to review the CarolinaEast Foundation's mission and allocation policy to determine if your request is closely aligned with our funding guidelines.

Letters of intent should be one page, describing your organization and proposed project. Please submit the LOI on your organization's letterhead. The LOI should include the following:


Please include a short executive summary that includes your organization's name, your mission, the amount of money requested and a description of the project. Please explain how the project fits with our guidelines and mission and why it would be a good fit for the Foundation.

Organizational description

Give a brief history of your nonprofit and provide an overview of your programs.

Statement of need

Explain the need that can be met by your project. Describe the target population and geographical area. Include the outcomes of the project.

Please do not include additional information such as binders, books, videos, brochures, etc.

First cycle inquiries should be submitted by January 15, 2019, Cycle two inquiries should be submitted by May 16, 2019 by 5pm, to the CarolinaEast Foundation.

By mail or in Prescription person: 2007-B Neuse Blvd., New Bern, NC 28560

The Foundation will notify your organization within three weeks, if your organization has been approved to submit a full proposal. An invitation for a full proposal does not guarantee funding.

Application documents

Please click the link below to download the allocation policies, grant procedure, and application in either a PDF file or Word document.

Note: The Foundation does not fund salaries, events, indirect or promotional expenses.