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Board of Directors

The CarolinaEast Foundation's Board of Directors is a dedicated and diverse group of local community leaders. Since its inception, the Foundation has been fortunate to be governed by ethical, competent, compassionate volunteers dedicated to being great stewards of the valuable donor dollars entrusted to it in service to our community.

  • Curt Frogley
    Dr. Curt Frogley

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith

    Past Chairman
  • Craig Keenhold
    Craig Keenhold
    Vice Chairman
  • Mickie Stroud
    Mickie Stroud

  • Jim Briley
    Jim Briley

  • Wendy Fisher
    Wendy Fisher
    At-large member

  • Dr. Keith Bennert

  • Kristin Beyer
  • Don Brinkley
    Don Brinkley
  • Charlton Burns
    Charlton Burns
  • Katie Giles
    Katie Giles
  • Cille Griffith
    Cille Griffith
  • Andy MacLaren
    Andy MacLaren
  • Nelson McDaniel
    Nelson McDaniel

  • Mit McLean
  • Susan Moffat-Thomas
    Susan Moffat-Thomas

  • Corey Purdie
  • Helmut Weisser
    Helmut Weisser

  • David Wilkins
  • Thomas Wilson
    Thomas R. Wilson