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Board of Directors

For more than 50 years, over 100 community leaders have voluntarily joined the Board of Directors to guide what started as 100-bed Craven County Hospital and has grown to the multi-facility, multi-service, multi-county CarolinaEast Health System.

Currently, our organization is led by 11 voting members and our medical staff executive officer.

  • Mr. Allen Hardison

  • Mr. David Blain
    Vice Chairman

  • Mr. P.O. Rogers

  • Mr. Patrick McCullough

  • Mr. Steven Tyson

    Assistant Secretary
  • Mr. Tom Mark

  • Ms. Barbara Lee

  • Mr. Jeffrey Odham

  • Michael E. Davis, MD

  • Mr. Trawick "Buzzy" Stubbs

  • Keith W. Bennert, MD

  • Mr. Thomas A. Braaten

Meeting notices