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About the CarolinaEast Health System

Since we first began serving our community in 1962 in the old St. Luke's Hospital, we've grown right along with our region. Over the years we've added new beds and new technology. Opening as the "ultra-modern" 100-bed Craven County Hospital in 1963, the 21st century CarolinaEast Medical Center is a 350-bed, multi-facility healthcare provider to the coastal Carolina region. Each year, we are privileged to have over 390,000 opportunities to touch the lives of our neighbors.

While we may offer the same level of care that is usually found at larger medical centers in much larger cities, we have taken special care over the years to maintain our community feel. For over 50 years, the families of coastal North Carolina have trusted us to take care of their most precious possession—their good health. We look forward to the next five decades and beyond...building on our history of caring and our tradition of progress.

What is CarolinaEast Health System?

CarolinaEast Health System is the name we have given to the entire service line of our organization. We are a multi-faceted, multi-facility service, all of which is devoted to your care. Under the CarolinaEast Health System organization, you will find CarolinaEast Medical Center, CarolinaEast Surgery Center, CarolinaEast Diagnostic Center, CarolinaEast Emergency Care, CarolinaEast Home Care, CarolinaEast Rehabilitation Hospital, CarolinaEast Physicians and many more services with you at the heart of all we do. When it comes to healthcare, all you need to know is CarolinaEast.

How large is CarolinaEast Health System?

CarolinaEast Health System is a multi-facility healthcare provider serving the entire coastal North Carolina region. In addition to the 350-bed CarolinaEast Medical Center inpatient hospital, CarolinaEast Health System's family of services includes CarolinaEast Diagnostic Center, CarolinaEast Surgery Center, CarolinaEast Home Care, CarolinaEast Rehabilitation Hospital, CarolinaEast Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Services and CarolinaEast Foundation. Additionally, CarolinaEast Physicians care for families from offices in four coastal North Carolina counties.

Where is CarolinaEast Medical Center located?

CarolinaEast Medical Center, the flagship of CarolinaEast Health System, is located at 2000 Neuse Blvd. in New Bern. CarolinaEast Diagnostic Center and CarolinaEast Surgery Center are located adjacent to each other in McCarthy Square in New Bern. CarolinaEast Rehabilitation Hospital is located adjacent to the medical center.

How can I find a doctor to care for me and my family?

Over 250 physicians care for coastal Carolinians in the office setting and in the hospital. We are pleased to assist you in finding a doctor through our Physician Finder Line service, 252.633.8102. You are also encouraged to visit our physicians' website at This should serve as a valuable resource in locating just the right doctor to care for you and your loved ones. At CarolinaEast, our doctors are the right doctor, delivering the right care in the right place.

Who do I contact if I have a concern about my care either before or after I leave the hospital?

If you have ANY questions or concerns about your care while you are our guest, we ask that you speak with your nurse/patient care provider or the manager of your patient care area right away. We want to know immediately if we need to adjust our approach to your care. The nursing supervisor, the patient relations manager and our guest experience ambassadors can also assist with resolution of any concerns you may have. Please ask the staff to contact these individuals if you feel it is necessary. If you have a question after your hospitalization, please call our Patient Relations Office at 252.633.8177 for assistance and to facilitate resolution. In the interest of preserving and protecting confidentiality, you are encouraged to contact the Patient Relations Office about your concern and avoid using this website to post specific information about your concern.

Where can I find press information?

For response to queries, interview requests and additional information regarding press releases, please call Megan McGarvey, Director, Public Relations at 252.633.8154 or email, After normal business hours and on weekends, please call 252.633.8111 and ask for the nursing supervisor. He or she will then make appropriate contact.

When do the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners meet?

Regular meetings of the Board of Directors of CarolinaEast Medical Center will be held on the second Tuesday of each calendar month at 9 a.m. in the board room on the campus of CarolinaEast Medical Center. Regular meetings of the Board Committees of the Board of Directors of CarolinaEast Medical Center, including the regular meetings of the Planning and Building Committee, Finance Committee, and Audit and Compliance Committee, can be found by visiting the Board of Directors page. The annual meeting of the CarolinaEast Health System Board of Commissioners and CarolinaEast Medical Center Board of Commissioners will be held the second Tuesday of May at 9 a.m.