Nurses are at the heart of everything we do!

At CarolinaEast Health System, Nursing is valued as an art and a science.  An art that blends a caring tradition of patient advocacy with contemporary competence, and a science that maintains a focus on the provision of excellent healthcare, and the promotion of quality of life.  This view of nursing begins at the highest levels of leadership within the organization where the care and nurturing of our extraordinary, compassionate and competent front-line caregivers is an organizational imperative.   

Nursing at CarolinaEast Health System is special because:
  • CarolinaEast is a health system and more; it is a family – a family who cares for our patients and cares for one another.  View our 2017 Nursing Appreciation video HERE
  • CarolinaEast Health System is a health system and more; it is an environment that encourages professional and leadership development through continuing education and clinical ladder advancement.  
  • CarolinaEast Health System is a health system and more; it is an organization rich in opportunities in varied and expanding clinical practice areas.
Nursing at CarolinaEast Health System is special because:
  • We are quality healthcare.
  • We are compassionate care.
  • We are CarolinaEast Health System.

Rosanne Leahy

Vice President of Nursing Services

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Initial designation - January 2017