Emergency Department Expansion Opens

Space Partners Efficiency with Eco-Friendly 

NEW BERN, NC – Following seven months of construction, the Emergency Department at CarolinaEast Health system has grown by seven treatment bays bringing its total from 26 to 33 beds available to care for patients.             
    “Every year we have seen a marked increase in the number of patients we are treating,” explained Jim Davis, RN, MSN, Emergency Services Director. “In 2006 we served just over 40,000 patients, in 2007 we cared for over 65,000 and last year, over 70,000 turned to us for care and we anticipate that number will continue to increase. This expansion was absolutely necessary to allow us to continue providing for this burgeoning need,” he explained.             
    The new space, shelled in by local contractor Coastline Construction, had all plumbing, mechanical, electrical and finish work completed by CarolinaEast’s in-house construction personnel. “This approach to construction allows us to save significant costs and have greater control over the pace and quality of the work completed,” explained Susan Patton, Director of Construction. “We are fortunate to have a team of very qualified and talented construction professionals on our payroll. We felt very confident that our employees could complete this expansion in record time with unsurpassed quality. We were right, they have done a phenomenal job,” she added. Total cost of the 2,632 square foot addition was $1.48 million.             
    The expansion, in addition to allowing for more patients to be seen in a shorter amount of time, also incorporates some of the latest hospital environmental elements in its design. Sound absorbing ceiling tiles have a higher Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) than tiles previously used in clinical areas. The tiles, which are 77% recycled material, are specially treated to resist mold/mildew and odor-stain causing bacteria. 
     The flooring throughout the expansion is eco-friendly and manpower friendly according to David Snook, Environmental Services Director. The no-wax flooring does not require stripping or special chemicals thus saving in man hours, less chemical expense and less environmental chemical exposure. Safety and staff satisfaction is also a feature of this new flooring. In the past areas of the Emergency Department would have to be shut down in order to allow for floor stripping. The wax was slippery and often a respiratory irritant for patients and staff. These are not issues with the new flooring. “We hope to incorporate this new type of flooring throughout our organization as we construct new areas and renovate existing space,” said Patton.             
    “We are pleased to provide this significant enhancement of our services to the significantly increasing number of patients we are treating,” said Davis. “CarolinaEast has always taken every step possible to keep service delivery capability growth equal to the growing demands placed on our services. This expansion is another example of that commitment.”            
     The new area began welcoming patients on Monday, May 4, 2009.