CarolinaEast Health System to Offer New Cancer Support Group

CarolinaEast Cancer Support Group Offers Help and Hope Beginning June 2, 2011

The Cancer Committee at CarolinaEast Health System will begin hosting Cancer Support Group meetings focusing on the needs of those in our community struggling with cancer.                 
    CarolinaEast Cancer Support Group will meet on the first and third Thursday of every month from 1:30-2:30 p.m. in the Radiation Oncology Library on the CarolinaEast Medical Center campus. The first meeting of the new series will be held on June 2, 2011. These group sessions will provide hope, help and support for cancer patients, their families and caretakers as well as survivors.  Anyone struggling with cancer is welcome and encouraged to attend. 
   “There are a multitude of complicated issues connected with a cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery,” says Keith Little, BCC, M.DIV, CarolinaEast Medical Center Clinical Chaplain. “These include anxiety, fear, crisis of self-identity, recovery, financial concerns and the significant impact cancer can have on family dynamics,” he explained.                
   “We hope that these meetings will provide compassionate guidance for all attendees,” said Little. “We recognize the journey from diagnosis to recovery and beyond involves much greater healing and care than just physical. We focus on finding hope in the midst of our struggles,” he added.                 
    Topics of discussion and areas explored will be tailored to the groups’ needs, but may include the importance of finding emotional support, how to seek new perspectives, accepting help from others, identifying strengths and dealing with the “new normal” that accompanies a diagnosis among many others.                 
   “This support group is meant to provide a safe place to express emotions, be heard and understood,” explained Little. “Although participants have been affected differently by cancer, the empowerment that comes from sharing common experiences and feelings gives those at the table the courage necessary to move forward with greater confidence, a greater sense of control and greater faith.”                
    For more information on the CarolinaEast Cancer Support Group, contact the CarolinaEast Pastoral Care Department at (252) 634-6200 or visit .