CarolinaEast Welcomes Newest Member

CarolinaEast Medical Center Welcomes Newest Team Member. “Beary Healthy” Joins Region’s Premier Health Care Provider
    Members of the CarolinaEast Health System management were on hand recently to welcome the organization’s newest team member. “Beary Healthy,” a part of the New Bern Beartown Bear community art project, took his place at the main entrance of the medical center ready to greet visitors as they arrive.             
    “When I learned of this community project, I just knew we needed to have a bear,” said Megan McGarvey, Director of Public Relations. “Senior leadership agreed and the process to bring our bear to life began.”             
    McGarvey met with local artist Tessie Adams to begin the design process. “I wanted something different – something very unique,” said McGarvey. “I didn’t want our bear to be a doctor or a nurse – that’s too easy, we wanted our bear was to be very special.”             
    And he is.             
    Named “Beary Healthy,” his design incorporates physical fitness and anatomy. The importance of good nutrition is shared through a colorful food pyramid on the belly of the bear. “When I would try to describe the design to others, I received many puzzled looks,” said McGarvey. “But once you see him, you get it.”             
    Artist Tessie Adams definitely “got it” from the beginning to the end. After 281 hours of work, “Beary Healthy” was ready to head to Bear Auto Body for his clear coat finish. On Friday, May 15, 2009, “Beary” was officially adopted by the employees of CarolinaEast Medical Center.             
    “He is great, just great,” said Ray Leggett, President and CEO of CarolinaEast. “We have been looking forward to his arrival for some time.”             
    For more information about the artist, visit, and the Bear Town Bear Community Art project,

Artist Tessie Adams Takes A Moment with her creation, Beary Healthy.