CarolinaEast Clinical Excellence Awards Announced

CarolinaEast Health System Honors 10 Medical Professionals. 2009 Clinical Excellence Award Recipients Announced. 
    Ten CarolinaEast Health System employees have been honored by administration and peers as recipients of the 2009 Clinical Excellence Awards. 
    The Clinical Excellence Awards are given to clinical professionals who exhibit superior technical skills, professional standards and a commitment to community service. A selection committee, consisting of past Clinical Excellence Award recipients, review nominations made by immediate supervisors and endorsed by at least one peer as part of the awards process. 
    “It is so very important to honor, recognize and reward our medical professionals who strive to be the best at what they do,” explained Rosanne Leahy, Vice President of Nursing Services. “These ten employees are absolutely at the heart of what our organization is all about. They touch our patients everyday. We are very proud of them,” she explained. 
    In addition to the recognition associated with this distinguished award, it comes with opportunity to continue the professional development that earned the honoree the award. The Health System sponsors the recipients’ attendance at the national educational conference of their choice for their particular profession. “This is recognition of professional excellence,” said Leahy. “We felt it was appropriate to incorporate advancing that excellence into the award itself.”  
    The CarolinaEast Health System 2009 Clinical Excellence award winners are:
Sam Sinning, RN, 4 Oncology
Genelle Butz, PharmD, Pharmacy
Hillary Cloud, RRT, RCP, Respiratory Therapy
Dedre Collins, RNII, OCN, 4 Oncology
JoAnna Gaines, RN, BS, CNOR, Operating Room
Debra McCotter, RNII, CGRN, Outpatient Services
Jean McGill, NMTCB (PET), (ARRTN),  Nuclear Medicine
Mitchell Moore, RN, BSN, Nursing Resource
Clifford Nielson, RN, MSN, CRNA, Anesthesia
Lowell Wilkes, RNII, Orthopedics
    Comments from the award recipients were touching and sincere. JoAnna Gaines and Jean McGill both expressed pride in their affiliation with CarolinaEast. “This is the best hospital I have ever worked at,” said McGill. “I am proud to be part of this organization,” echoed Gaines. 
    Addressing the honorees at the end of the awards ceremony, Ray Leggett, President and CEO expressed his appreciation. “You are what make this organization successful,” he said. “Employees like you caring for our community for over 46 years – you are CarolinaEast.”